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Student: The companies you did not know you wanted to work for

They deliver products and services that have already been a success, or are waiting for their big breakthrough. Still, relatively few people in Västerbotten know them. Here we list eight interesting dark horse businesses in the region who are happy to recruit students.

Västerbotten is full of interesting and innovative companies, but several of them have not really become popularly known yet.

- In Umeå, there are lots of exciting companies that are happy to recruit students, but who may not be so well known to the students, says Anna Molin, business developer at Umeå municipality.

Anna Molin

The northern part of Sweden is currently growing at rocket speed. There are many large company establishments underway and with them lots of jobs are created. In addition, there are several peripheral establishments that need labor. The wind of change is blowing, it is being built like never before and there is great faith in the future.

- Every year, 1,000 new jobs are created in Umeå, and unemployment is among the lowest in the country, says Anna Molin.

In several industries in Västerbotten, people are screaming for well-trained staff. It ranges from new companies that manufacture vaccines to leading players in music software. Many of the companies may be relatively unknown to students. For example, the gaming company Turborilla in Umeå, which is growing at record speed, but can still be seen as a hidden ice cream company.

- We are big and also work internationally, but there are probably few who know what we actually do, says Mattias Wiking, CEO of Turborilla.

Right now, the company has an exciting time ahead as they are developing more action sports games.

- We are growing and will need to recruit more people in the future who have expertise in computer science and interaction, says Mattias Wiking.

Here are eight "hidden" companies that are happy to recruit students:


The Umeå company Toontrack collaborates with the world's largest music producers and has a turnover of more than SEK 100 million a year - yet they are relatively anonymous at home.

2. Diamyd Medical

An exciting company that is currently building up and establishing vaccine manufacturing in Umeå. Diamyd Medical is developing drugs for type 1 diabetes. The diabetes vaccine is an antigen-specific immunotherapy for preserving the body's insulin production.


Afry is found in both Umeå and Skellefteå. It is an international company in technology, design and consulting. The company helps its customers to develop in sustainability and digitalisation.

4. Turborilla

Umeå-based gaming company Turborilla is accelerating. In one year, the game developer has doubled the number of employees and now also expects to at least double its turnover. The company creates action-sports-themed, physics-based games that incorporate important elements of realism into an arcade experience. Their mobile games have been installed almost 70 million times worldwide.

Turborilla invests in a healthy balance between work and private life. They offer flex hours, lots of holidays and a friendly and encouraging atmosphere.

Mattias Wiking, CEO of Turborilla

5. Cytiva

The company has expanded significantly and is now Umeå's second largest employer. Cytiva is a global provider of technology and services that promotes and accelerates the development and manufacture of pharmaceuticals.

6. Oryx

The Umeå company is a world leader in training simulators for machine operators, yet few people know them. The company is active in the global market and is headquartered in Umeå. They are looking for talented students.

7. Latitude 64

The Skellefteå company manufactures discs for disc golf, bags and develops banking concepts. The company, which was started 16 years ago, is growing at a rocket speed - in ten months, Latitude 64 has doubled the number of employees to 50 people. The company had sales of SEK 120 million last year and will continue to grow in 2021.

8. Mindforce Game Lab

The gaming company creates meaningful games that drive people to healthy habits. The company is constantly evolving and looking for new talent.


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